Outlook 2011 for Mac facing persistent sync and sending errors

20 sep 2014

Outlook is seamlessly a great email email client with fully functional features including contacts, calendar, to-do’s etc. However, it is also well known that the Mac version outlook 2011 is plagued with many sync related issues. Slow data download, partial data download, partial emails being displayed etc are all signs of corruption in outlook. You [...]

Recover outlook emails from unknown error 17199 in outlook 2011 for Mac

4 sep 2014

Outlook 2011 might pop up an error code 17199 while sending emails. The error indicates a probable issue with outlook authentication, configuration, email settings etc. If it is simply authentication related, you may change the authentication password and a few details like incoming and outgoing port settings. However, if the account does not work even [...]

Outlook 2011 stops responding or quits unexpectedly

4 sep 2014

Outlook 2011 is a great email client in use by majority of Mac users. It is not only versatile and fully featured but also very easy to use. It comprises user friendly interface along with great email management tools including contacts, calendars etc. It stores the emails in database format in user identities. As the [...]

Outlook 2011 for Mac unable to open or export mail data to an OLM file and gives errors

3 sep 2014

Users might run into outlook related issues and face error messages for rebuilding identity or at times even not able to open the outlook altogether. In these scenarios, users would face difficulty migrating messages. Even if they are able to migrate the messages successfully, some of the mails might be missing about which you would [...]