If you have observed the changing trends in email technology, then you must have surely heard about the latest process of email data recovery. Each well smart mac outlook user knows the importance of email migration but it is quite strange that not many users know about the equally vital process of email database recovery.

What is email data recovery and why is it needed?

Email data recovery is an important process for all the email users who need to export Outlook 15 to windows outlook or need to access and recover their old email data before converting their emails. This ensures thorough email transfers and makes it possible for the users to access even lost or corrupt files so that they can be repaired and utilized further. Most of the mac users nowadays migrate from Outlook 2015 to windows.

How to effectively shift Outlook 2015 to windows outlook after successful email data recovery?

It is important to know that though there are many tools available to export Outlook 2015 to windows outlook, but the number of tools available for effective outlook mac database recovery is very less. That is why it gets very important to choose wisely while selecting a tool to recover your precious email database. The only proven way to recover outlook 2015 to windows outlook with safety, is with the help of professional tools which are specifically designed for the purpose.

The final solution for data recovery

Fortunately, we have found a solution through which we have perfected the art of email data recovery. It is called the Outlook Mac Database Recovery Tool. It is a professional tool that is particularly designed to make fast and safe Outlook mac data recovery possible for all clients without asking for much experience from their side.

Some of the best features of the Outlook Mac Data Recovery Tool

are listed below

- It is incredibly fast

- It is easy to install and operate

- It is highly accurate with rates of 100% precision

- It is the safest tool out there with 100% guarantee

- It saves all attachments

- It recovers data and places it in predefined folders

- It doesn’t disrupt the folder hierarchy of the email folders

- It saves all the minor details including CC, BC, TO and FROM of the messages

- It scans automatically through the database to let you choose the files that you want

- It preserves files with Unicode content so non-English data is not a problem

- It comes backed up with unlimited support from an experienced and friendly support staff

- It offers free updates for life

The best part about using the Outlook mac data recovery to recover and shift Outlook 15 to windows outlook is the fact that you can try it for free. The free version of the tool is offered so that all users who want to test the tool can check its performance and test results so that they do not have to risk their hard earned money. Once the users is content with the performance of the tool, he can freely go ahead and get the full version from among many choices available, classified according to different budgets and needs.

The Outlook Mac Data Recovery is the future of email data recovery, don’t miss it, for free today.