If you have reached here searching for the perfect way to convert Outlook 2015 to Outlook PST, you are at the right place. Here you will find the most authentic information on how to safely recover and convert Outlook 2015 to Outlook PST with the help of professional solutions without needing prior experience.


The issue of email migration and data recovery are directly related to each other. If a mac outlook user needs flawless and thorough email transfers for instance, from Outlook 2015 to Outlook PST, he cannot afford to lose his old files which he could have missed back in time. So in order to gain complete control over his email files, he cannot overlook the equally important process of email data recovery.


Previously, Outlook 2015 to Outlook PST conversions were done after OLM recovery, which is now deemed useless and outdated. With a new invention that we did, we have made it possible for any common mac user to convert Outlook 2015 to Outlook PST without any hard work or effort.


The Outlook mac database recovery is a dedicated tool that makes it possible for inexperienced mac users to recover and convert their Outlook 2015 files to Outlook PST without asking for previous involvement with the email conversion or recovery process.

Some of the benefits of the Outlook mac database recovery tool

are listed below

– Outlook Mac 2015 Database Recovery Tool is Easy to Install  

The Outlook mac database recovery tool is very easy to install. One can set it up in less than a minute with just a couple of mouse clicks.

– Outlook Mac 2015 Database Recovery Tool is Easy to use

This tool can be called the simplest way to recover and convert Outlook 2015 to Outlook PST since it is guided with a step to step wizard based interface which makes it very easy to use even for new clients.

– Faster than others

A great benefit of using the Outlook mac data recovery tool is the fact that it is 40% faster than any other tool out there. With this tool you can save a lot of precious time and effort. The time of data recovery is fast regardless the size of the database.

– Highly accurate

The outlook mac data recovery tool is the only tool that assures 100% accurate email transfers without affecting the speed of conversions. It is the most reliable way to convert Outlook 2015 to Outlook PST without needing experience.

– Preserves all attachments

The outlook mac data recovery is a reliable tool that protects all email data along with minor details. Your entire database is shifted and recovered along with all attached data and meta data. This makes the conversions flawless.

– Premium Technical support

The backing behind the Outlook mac data recovery is very strong. The support team is highly skilled and friendly, they solve all your issues instantly and permanently.

– Free updates for a lifetime is an added bonus

Download Mac Version

You can now try and test the Outlook mac data recovery tool for free. The free version offers 10 free recoveries for each folder and makes it possible for each user to check the performance and results of the tool with their own hands. Make sure you try it till you are content. When satisfied, go ahead to get the full license at the best price.

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