Do you know the reason behind it is the fact that even now,Outlook windows PST format is considered superior to any other email storage format?

Users migrate Outlook 2015 to windows 2010 since it is sturdier and safer than the OLM format of mac outlook and also widely accessible in terms of compatibility.

It is very necessary to know that email migration is not complete in itself. If you want to have the most flawless results in emailconversion, you need to opt for the equally important email database recovery process.

Importance of email data recovery

Email database recovery is very important if you want to export Outlook 2015 to windows 2010 since each detail from your old database needs to be carried forward on to the next client safely.

Most of the times, users complain of missing their files and that they lost the files during email conversion. All because they were ignorant of email data recovery.

If you want to perform successful and safe database recovery, you need to get only professional tools that are specially intended for the purpose.

The final solution for Data recovery

One such tool is our own Outlook mac database recovery tool. It was solely designed to streamline the email recovery process for all types of users, beginners or advanced. The main benefit of using the outlook mac data recovery to export Outlook 2015 to Windows Outlook is the fact that it is so easy to install and operate that even a first time user can operate the tool like a pro.

Very Efficient Tool 

The tool works at superfast speeds which are about 40% faster than your normal data recovery tools. It also offers a smooth user interface which keeps everything interesting.

Safest database recovery

If you are worried about the safety of the files, you should sit back and relax since the outlook mac database recovery is actually the safest tool for this particular process. It is the only tool which guarantees 100% protection for the user’s email files. It takes care of each file separately and places them in pre assigned folders just like they were in your old client.

The most reliable way out

The Outlook mac data recovery is also the most reliable tool to migrate Outlook 2015 to windows outlook since the results that it offers are 100% accurate and the tool never experiences any issues while performing.

Takes care of your data

The tool is also able to preserve the folder arrangement of the previous client and none of the files are disturbed during or after the conversion. Everything stays where it was, except the changed format.

Auto- scan and choose

If you have a large database and think that it will be too much for the tool. You need to check the auto scan feature which scans through the entire database and bring all files in front so that you can choose only the necessary ones to save time.

Download Mac Version

Interested users can check out the free demo version of the Outlook Mac Data Recovery Tool so that they can see the

performance and results of the tool. Once content, they can go ahead and get the full version at a really affordable price. Try the free demo version of the Outlook mac data recovery tool today.

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