Outlook 2011 might pop up an error code 17199 while sending emails. The error indicates a probable issue with outlook authentication, configuration, email settings etc. If it is simply authentication related, you may change the authentication password and a few details like incoming and outgoing port settings. However, if the account does not work even after changing settings and configuration details, the issue might be outlook related. You may either try rebuilding the identity or re-installing the email client from scratch after uninstalling it. However, rebuilding might lead to data loss so it is recommended to take a backup of outlook identity database located under Documents in Mac.

If the issue persists after rebuilding as well, you may try uninstalling and re-installing the client and see if it helps. However, it is recommended to take a backup of important data before proceeding. You may easily export emails to an OLM file using outlook export feature. But it is well known that outlook is not able to export all the email database into OLM if the database size is too big. It might crash in between resulting into an incomplete OLM file. This might not be noticeable earlier but when user requires a specific email file it might be missing because of import from incomplete OLM database.

If the issue persists or emails are missing after re-installing and importing data from OLM into outlook, the issue might be related to corrupt outlook database. If you try to export emails into an OLM file as well, only emails readable by outlook will be exported. This will make recovery from OLM file futile. In these cases, direct recovery from outlook database is the only option that will yield positive results.

However, direct recovery is quite difficult and requires an advanced recovery tool that can read the outlook database. Outlook stores emails in user database folder after splitting emails into multiple parts. The only program capable of recovering outlook database is Outlook Mac Database Recovery. This is a Professional Outlook database recovery application capable of reading and converting emails directly from outlook database. Hence, the intermediate OLM files are no longer required. This way making it completely outlook independent.

You may follow the steps below to recover emails from outlook database using Outlook Mac Database Recovery application:

  • Download and install Outlook Mac Database Recovery
  • Launch the application from Finder -> Applications post installation
  • Select Express, if you have outlook 2011 with lost emails on the Mac
  • If you have copied the emails from a different location to an external drive, select custom and select outlook 2011 database/identity folder
  • You may also convert an OLM file by selecting OLM option in custom
  • Now, navigate and select the desired OLM file or identity folder and click on next
  • Outlook Mac Database Recovery will read the source files and database and display corresponding image with file and folder hierarchy, folder structure and number of emails in each folder
  • You may select and check the desired folder and leave remaining unchecked making conversion faster and also easy data organization
  • Click on Next
  • Select the desired format to save recovered data
  • You may also choose to merge contacts and calendar depending upon the conversion format selected earlier
  • Click on Next and it will ask you for the desired location for saving converted content
  • Navigate to the desired folder where you wish to save converted email content and click on Save
  • Outlook Mac Database Recovery application will start converting emails and show the conversion progress. It might take a while depending upon the amount of emails
  • Upon completion, it will show you a brief report of conversion process. For detailed report click on Open button towards right hand side bottom corner
  • You may also click on Locate button and it will open the location of converted content
  • You may now transfer the converted content to an external drive and migrate to alternate email client

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